Our passion is helping great businesses grow. I was tired of seeing companies with real potential failing to get the support that they needed and deserved. Every business needs the right combination of funding, people and technology. Finding it at the right time and at the right cost has always been the issue. I founded Maitland-Smith to help great businesses realise their potential.
— Gavin Maitland-Smith, Founder

The problems every business faceS:

Sustained growth requires the right combination of funding, people and technology.

Funding: the financial industry is becoming increasingly product-specific, while business funding requirements remain as fluid as ever.

People: it is increasingly difficult to access the right talent as and when you need it, for the time you need it, at an affordable cost.

Technology: cutting-edge customer experiences are increasingly important yet are prohibitively expensive.

Integration: solutions that flexibly integrate and manage delivery of the above are critical but rare.

How we solve them:

An integrated flexible solution supporting our clients at every stage of their growth.

We have a team of over 20 people from varied professional backgrounds ranging from accountants and investments managers, to brand specialists and web application developers.

All our team share the same passion. We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit. We want to see great businesses grow and brilliant ideas become profitable realities.

Our team is there to offer flexible support on a cost basis that moves with your development. From raising funding, to offering management resource and through to planning your digital marketing and designing your mobile apps, we are here to support you as you grow.