We recognise that everyone needs support from time to time: to bounce ideas off, to get specialist knowledge and to help them grow their business.

Non-executive directors can help you do this. The problem is that it can be very hard to find one with all the skills that you need. One day you have a burning question about digital marketing and the next it’s on complex accounting treatment.

No one expert can help with everything. For the same price as a traditional non-executive, we open our whole team to give you access to a wide range of knowledge and expertise.

We have a diverse team from accountants and investment bankers through to property developers and brand designers. 

We offer expertise in the following areas:

  •   Investment management
  •   Technology investment
  •   Specialist SME lending
  •   Finance
  •   Digital Marketing
  •   Property
  •   M&A corporate finance



We have experience as both investors and investment-seekers. We know what investors today are looking for and are familiar with the challenges involved in trying to raise funds. We will offer you informed, honest advice on how to structure and manage effective, custom-made funding solutions. There’s no cookie-cutter approach. No product-to-sell.

We can establish a route to funding that works for you (and only you) then prepare your business for funding by:
* Creating irresistible documentation
* Lending our expertise and reputation to your executive board (see ‘Advisory’ section, above)
* Developing your business’ digital strategy for the road ahead

Examples of funding solutions in which we have excelled in the past include:

  •   EIS raises
  •   Block Discounting
  •   Securitisation
  •   Leasing
  •   Factoring
  •   Equity
  •   Trade Finance
  •   Mini-Bond fundraising


We are an innovation department for hire. Staffed by passionate people with expertise in business, technology and design, we understand how to properly exploit and optimize the digital world. There is no legacy ball and chain here.

We audit, delivers and maintain frictionless and effective digital solutions. Our KPI is your ROI, and we always strive to identify potential new revenue streams in the process of our work.

We offer:

  •   Digital Audits: deep-diving into your business’ implementation of technology, we provide detail on how to leverage its strengths, remedy its weaknesses and overcome the wider challenges it faces through digitisation.                                   
  •   Digital Transformation Proposals: a 50-page ‘book’ that identifies:                                                
  •   The optimal outcomes of your business’ digital transformation, along with a ‘transformative vision’
  •   Existing strategic assets that can be digitized.
  •   Digital marketing strategy
  •   Visual branding
  •   Potential new revenue streams
  •   Delivery & Maintenance from software and app development through to digital marketing campaign development